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Prior to Dr. Wilkerson's chiropractic treatment Aieden could not lay on his back with out crying in pain. In addition, he would cry uncontrollably for hours and nothing could calm him. He appeared to always be unhappy and in pain.

Dr. Wilkerson's treatments have greatly improved the quality of life of Aieden. He is now able to lie on his back and he doesn't have uncontrollable crying for hours on end. The treatments have transformed Aieden's life from one of pain to a normal, happy baby.



In the beginning I resisted going to another chiropractor as I had had 2 very bad eperiences with 2 different doctors.

One cause me to lose the use of my right arm and I had to have neck surgeries to gain the use of my arm again. The other caused me to have major pain in my back. It was her way or the highway. I took the highway and vowed to never go to another chiropractor.

When my husband started going to you he told me that you were being very helpful to him and finally convinced me to see you because I was in so much pain.

I have to say that making the decision to see you was one of the best decisions I have made bar none.

You are so kind and compassionate and have helped me so much. I appreciate you more than I can find the words to say so I will just say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

studentboy1.jpg ADHD, Jordan:

I experienced ADHD ever since I was a young boy. I remember all the things my parents and I went changes, allergy testing, even behavior modification techniques.  Eventually we even tried Ritalin. The medication worked for a while but I suffered many side effects. I remember having trouble sleeping, no appetite, and "zoning out". Finally at age 7 my parents made the decision to stop taking Ritalin after my mom had heard about Chiropractic. I went for chiropractic care twice a week for about 2 months. When my mom went to a parent-teacher conference, the first thing the teacher asked her was had was when I had been put back on Ritalin. My mother was shocked when the teacher had shown her samples of my work and the sudden improvement for the first time I was writing in the lines and staying focused more in class. Years have passed and I am still able to concentrate answer questions correctly and reading and writing better than most other kids in my class!  Thanks to Chiropractic for making it possible for me to to write this success story!


Allergies & Sinus Problems, Naomi:

 Prior to visiting My Chiropractor, I had horrible allergies and sinus problems practically my entire life. After a few adjustments, I was breathing a lot better and feeling wonderful! Before receiving pills for everything. I see now that they only treat the symptoms whereas chiropractic is specific and fixes the problem! Before I would constantly walk around with a tissue feeling groggy all the time. Now I can enjoy outdoor sports and things I've avoided like strolls in the park and going for picnics, and gardening. Not only have I been healed of my allergies and sinus trouble, but my overall health has improved incredibly also. I rarely get sick, and when I do, I get better faster. It feels great to be drug-free. Thank You


Auto Accident, Sharon:

After a severe auto accident, I spent years with chronic neck and shoulder pain, which eventually radiated down my right arm. The pain kept getting worst and worst, until it became intolerable.  I started taking Tylenol and Advil left and right until even that didn't help.  In the end I tried everything short of surgery. I discussed trying chiropractic care with my family physician, and he recommended that I see you. I couldn't believe what just a few chiropractic adjustments could do.  I now have normal movement in my neck and shoulder and feel better than I have in years. I wish I had known to come to you earlier! Thank you!


Back Pain, Mike:

I don't have a dramatic tale to tell, however, I know that drama is not necessary for me to praise the benefits of chiropractic. I came to the doctor after throwing out my back. I responded to chiropractic care very well. I had received it in the past. Nevertheless, not to this level. The injury healed itself quickly due to great care,concern and techniques of the office. I have been coming regularly ever since.With the aide of chiropractic, I can continue to work. Without this care, it would have been very difficult for me to perform my everyday functions and responsibilities. Thank you for your help and sharing your knowledge.


Back Pain, John:

I do believe I have benefitted tremendously from chiropractic. Not only does it alleviate stiffness and aches, but it also helps me to feel more balanced and rejuvenated. I have discovered wellness with renewed use of some worn-down muscles and great relief from the pain that has afflicted me for a very long time.This spring I intend to go back to something I doubted I would ever be able to resume again…my favorite sport of golf. For that I consider myself doubly rewarded for undergoing chiropractic treatment. Thanks again , I truly appreciate all that you have done for me.


Carpel Tunnel, Moriah:

I never thought I'd get anything like carpel tunnel, after all, I didn't play tennis, golf, or work too much on the computer. After my daughter Marina was born, I started experiencing pain in my elbow, arm, and wrist from nursing. There was no way I was going to stop nursing but I had to do something because it was starting to effect everything. As time passed, every movement in my arm became excruitatingly and painful. I started seeing the Chiropractor and he put together a program for me that helped right away. First he explained what was going on with my body. He stressed the importance of posture while nursing and that my current posture was putting a strain on my neck, back, shoulders, and going through to my arms, etc. Every appointment he would massage and adjust my neck, back, shoulders, and arms. After about 3 weeks I had completely forgotten I even had carpel tunnel...and I'm still nursing!


Headaches, Laticia:

I've always played sports, but started experiencing headaches right around the time I started high school. My junior year my headaches started to get really bad. When basketball season started I knew something had to be done. My coach recommended I try seeing a chiropractor. So we called  the office and told him about my problem. He suggested we come in and talk to him about how chiropractic could help. It's amazing how just a few chiropractic adjustments made feel. All of a sudden I was feeling more energized and not getting headaches... and my game has improved! Who would have thought?!

PICT0008_1.JPG Headaches, Terri:

 "I used to get headaches regularly and they weren't the "bad kind" where I missed work, but they made it more difficult at work. Then a co-worker suggested chiropractic. At first I was kind of skeptical, but since it was an older woman who suggested it, I decided to give it a try. After the first couple treatments, I no longer had the chronic headaches. For over four years, I have continued to have regular chiropractic treatment to avoid having constant headaches."


Sciatica, Brianna:

Thanks ...You were right! I remember when I came to you the last month of my pregnancy with the sciatica. I couldn't walk or move at all! It was the worst thing ever! But, you helped me through it with the adjustments and massage therapy. It didn't go away completely but I always felt so much better after visiting with you, my condition definetly improved. You reassured me that I would get better and that I would be completely back to normal after I delivered the baby. I remember seeing other pregnant women and thinking how lucky they were to be able to walk normal and have an easy pregnacy. After my baby was born, it was like a miracle...just like you said, I was back to normal! Thanks again!



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