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  • Having too little vitamin D may not have any outwardly obvious signs. Yet vitamin D (specifically the vitamin D3 form) impacts an incredible array of support for systems and functions in your body...
  • Heart health*
  • Cell formation and cell longevity*
  • Skin health*
  • Pancreatic health*
  • Aging process*
  • Sleep patterns*
  • Hearing*
  • Reproductive health*
  • Athletic performance*
  • Eye health*
  • Vascular system health*
  • Respiratory health*
  • Immune health*... Most people feel in better health during the summer sunshine months -- ever wonder why?
  • Healthy mood and feelings of well-being*
  • Weight management, including carbohydrate and fat metabolism*
  • Hair and hair follicles*
  • Strong and healthy bones, because vitamin D encourages calcium uptake*
  • Muscles*
  • Proper digestion and food absorption*
  • Since healthy levels of vitamin D protect and promote so many of your body's functions, a deficiency may mean your body lacks the tools it needs to keep you in optimal health*...
  • Making sufficient vitamin D a very important issue for you to address!
  • Because naturally, you want to be at your peak so you feel great, and accomplish so much each and every day.*


Benefits of Complete Probiotics:

  • Maintains your ideal "good" to "other" bacteria ratio by promoting the optimal environment for the growth of good bacteria*
  • Supports your production of B vitamins, especially folic acid and biotin, and vitamin K*
  • Promotes mineral absorption for you*
  • Supports your protein and carbohydrate digestion via probiotic enzymes*
  • Aids your metabolism and the breakdown of toxins*
  • Helps you maintain appropriate bowel transit time*
  • Supports your immune system function by helping you remove toxins*
  • Produces lactic acid for your support of digestive processes and colon pH balance*
  • Helps you maintain serum lipid and blood pressure levels in the healthy range*
  • Supports your normal immune response*
  • Helps promote your oral health*

Don't forget about your kids! Mercola Probiotic Packs are an alternative to the Probiotic Pills.



Benefits of Mercola Probiotic Packs:

  • Helps replenish beneficial bacteria*
  • Boosts your child's immune system to help strengthen their resistance* 
  • Protects and promotes your child's healthy digestive tract*




Vitamin B12  is known as the "energy vitamin," and it is essential for many critical functions in your body, including energy production, supporting your immune system, and helping to regulate the formation of red blood cells.*  Recent studies from the US Framingham trial show that one in four adults in the US are deficient in this vitally important nutrient and nearly half of the population has suboptimal blood levels.


Vitamin B12 is present only in animal sources of food--which is one of the reasons I advise against being a strict vegetarian or a vegan. This deficiency can result in  less than optimal nervous system function, a tendency toward nervousness, and even less-than-optimal eye health.* 




Melatonin Sleep Support Spray helps...

  • occasional difficulty falling asleep. *
  • with occasional tossing and turning. *
  • with occasional waking up too early. *
  • diminish that sluggish feeling caused by lack of sleep. *


Benefits of Krill Oil:


  • A healthy heart*  
  • Support for concentration, memory & learning*
  • Blood sugar health*
  • Healthy joints, with an increase in joint comfort*  
  • Fighting your signs of aging* 
  • Healthy brain and nervous system function and development*  
  • Protections for cell membranes*  
  • Cholesterol and other blood lipid health*  
  • Healthy liver function*  
  • Relief of normal PMS symptoms*  
  • Bolstering your immune system*
  • Healthy mood support*
  • Optimal skin health*



Benefits from the Whole Food Multivitamin:

  •   Pomegranate extract -- to support your healthy circulation*
  •      White tea extract -- support for your immune system*
  •     Green tea extract -- more support for your immune system*
  •     Grape seed extract (Activin) -- support for your healthy circulation and cholesterol level*
  •     Apple -- support your immune system and lungs* 
  •     Blueberry -- support for your urinary tract and immune system*
  •    Broccoli -- support for your healthy prostate and immune system*
  •    Cranberry -- support for your urinary tract and cardiovascular system*
  •   Kale -- support for your healthy prostate*
  •  Orange -- support for your immune system*
  •   Prune -- support for your brain and immune system*
  •   Raspberry -- support for those healthy cholesterol levels*
  •  Spinach -- support for your healthy immune and cardiovascular systems*
  •  Strawberry -- more support for your healthy immune and cardiovascular systems*


  1. Delivering you lightweight cookware -- solves your lifting challenges during cooking and cleanup
  2. Providing you and your family with safe, inorganic, non-toxic cookware -- helps remove your worries about PFOA and the potential hazards of other cookware
  3. Handling high temperature -- can withstand 2700° F and help you cook foods quicker and become more energy efficient
  4. Cleaning up very quickly -- saves you valuable time and keeps the cookware looking new
  5. Looking good in your kitchen -- comes with a very attractive high gloss black finish that will look great with any kitchen décor
  6. Proving its versatility -- can be used to cook (on any surface), serve, and store foods of all types
  7. Being extremely practical -- reduces your cooking time and helps you use less energy -- food stays hot longer
  8. Enhancing the flavor of your food -- ceramic far-infrared cooking helps enhance the flavor of your food and entire cooking experience
  9. Showing you its durability -- 50 year limited warranty speaks for itself -- cooking surface cannot be scratched even by metal utensils
  10. Helping you be that Healthy Chef you always wanted to be

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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